Wilder Than Your Average Life Drawing Class

Wild Life Drawing

You’re glad there are coloured pencils available as your subject’s naked skin begins to slowly but definitely change colour under the studio lights. He is restless and shifts position forming new shadows to render. His eyes are the most tricky to get down as they constantly change direction focussing on other members of the drawing class – some obviously beginners, some more at ease, fervently sketching their subject before the flick of a tail means they must start again. You’re at a Wild Life Drawing class at the Proud Archivist in London where artist and founder Jennie Webber shares her aim to inspire a sense of appreciation for the creatures we share the earth with, and her passion for conservation.

Instead of working with human models, Webber hosts regular life drawing classes where the subjects are real animals Рowls, donkeys, snakes, bats, rescue dogs Рthat the group is invited to study closely. A whole lot more engaging than drawing animals from photographs or at a natural history museum, the sessions are opportunities for the experienced animals handlers to share information about issues affecting the featured species and their lives in the wild. Wild Life Drawing only works with the finest animal sanctuaries and organisations and money from the ticket sales goes towards their hard conservation work.

Illustrator Maria Ines Gul attended this week’s session with a camouflage of chameleons, a blue-tongued skink, leopard geckos and uromastyx lizards.


Maria Ines GulMaria Ines GulMaria Ines GulMaria Ines GulMaria Ines Gul Wild Life Drawing

Wild Life Drawing

Wild Life Drawing



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