Stream of Doubts | A Short Film About Your Place in the Cosmos. Sort of.


A young woman needs your help to find her life purpose. Stream of Doubts is a short philosophical drama with a twist by young Parisian director Joseph Catté.

A theatrical adaptation of ‘The Little White Bird’ by JM Barrie, in which the author converses directly with one of his creations, led the director to think about his relationships with fictional characters on paper and screen. “If a character only exists in a film, one can imagine that he only exists when he’s shown on the screen. Yet he is presented with a personality and memories.” What if this character realised his own fiction? Catté decided to stage this idea as part of a meta-fiction dealing with the internet. A parallel can also be made between the character who needs the eyes of others to exist, and the director who relies on an audience to bear witness to his work.


Stream of Doubts was written and directed by Joseph Catté
Starring Pauline Helly and Nouritza Emmanuelian
Original music by Jérémy Flandrin


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