Lucy-Rose Currie

La Dante

A moment for the humble language class as babelfish swim speedily toward our ears.

Simone Le Roux for Casimir

Georges Claude

Helen Sullivan makes a case for the undeniable romance of neon as energy efficient LEDs are rapidly replacing glowing flamingos and trebl

Eyes - Casimir

Peter Sullivan

The Tale of How My Dad’s Laser-Eye Surgery Was the Key to His Success. And Other Eye-Based Technologies.

Emma Philip for Casimir

Emily Nussbaum

As TV moves from living room to laptop, and opinion is aggregated, Helen Sullivan is relieved to find that good TV critics are rewarded.

Tyla Mason

Emily Post

When sorry seems to be the hardest word, look to apologies that have gone before. Kanye West and Emily Post lead by example. Helen Sulliv

Harrison Ford KSims

Harrison Ford

Over a St Germain, Helen Sullivan contemplates dream jobs vs the thing that you really want to do for her first column on Casimir.