Ping Pong


Update: Winner of the Audience Award at On Location: The LA Video Project 2016 presented by NewFilmmakers Los Angeles.


Casimir presents an anecdotal short film by Anton Du Preez. In it, a sweet tourist couple search in vain for the elusive Hollywood sign to tick off their bucket list. After driving in circles and attempting to find it on foot, they experience a strange encounter when asking for directions.

Du Preez is a film director and cinematographer based between New York and Los Angeles (and occasionally South Africa). His idea for Ping Pong originated from a real life event that took place when he first moved to LA: I asked a stranger for directions in North Hollywood and he took a ping pong ball out of his pocket and made it levitate while pointing in the direction I needed to go. I later found out the directions he gave were incorrect. The story was adapted and the destination changed to the Hollywood sign as there are so many tourists who rent convertible mustangs, drive up into the hills and get lost trying to drive to the sign…which is impossible to do!


Hollywood - Ping Pong

Casimir presents: Ping Pong

Casimir presents: Ping Pong

Casimir presents: Ping Pong

Casimir presents: Ping Pong


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