Mood Boards of Art History

Miro by Larita Engelbrecht
Miro by Larita Engelbrecht


Where does inspiration come from?

We live in an age of eternal referencing: this is the new that. Filling in the blanks for¬†’sounds like…’ or ‘looks like…’ has become an art in itself, and no creative output is exempt.

For many photographers and designers of various disciplines: graphic, fashion, interiors, making a mood board is an important step in the creative process. If not to visualise your own intentions more clearly, to communicate what’s in your head to collaborators or clients. Then the impossible task begins: creating that thing that’s never been seen before.

The tidal wave of internet imagery is inescapable and anonymous, reincarnated and reblogged. What must it have been like to live in a time where painting sunshine on a sunflower didn’t bring to mind something you saw – or worse, forgot you saw – on Instagram already. Or is that oversimplifying things?

To overcomplicate them, perhaps, instead we’ve asked collage artists¬†Larita Engelbrecht, Peter Georgiades, Ruschka du Toit, Dustin van Wyk, Debbie Turner¬†and Nabeeha Mohamed¬†to imagine what famous artists’ mood boards might have looked like had they lived in 2016.¬†A look and feel for Picasso’s Blue Period on his ‘Azul’ Pinterest board. An¬†immortal Miro browsing architecture and interior design magazines.

Or have the original creators of the images carefully cut and pasted here just been inspired by the enduring style and scope of these very artists in the first place?


Kahlo by Ruschka du Toit
Michelangelo by Peter Georgiades
Michelangelo by Peter Georgiades
Morandi by Nabeeha Mohamed
Picasso by Dustin van Wyk


Degas by Debbie Turner


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