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Like most models today, Robert-Maurice Debois understands the importance of an active social media presence. On his Instagram or Tumblr accounts he shares photos of himself from recent fashion shoots by various photographers, snapshots from his life, the odd nude photo and career highlights like that one time he was on TV.

Unlike most models today, Robert-Maurice Debois is an alien. He was introduced to the industry by French photographer Brice Krummenacker. Together they create images of Robert-Maurice to challenge beauty norms and standards.

Robert-Maurice is a keen observer of human nature. This is evident in the way he replicates our behaviour through his social media channels. Our favourite human habit he has picked up is sharing pictures of the food he eats: from fine-dining dinners of molecular gastronomy to Earthling street food favourites like Báhn Mì. Except that each has been recreated with tooth-breaking ingredients suited to his palate and digestive system like rose quartz, amethyst or rubber.

Watching Robert-Maurice Debois watching us is an interesting exercise in reflection. We interviewed to find out more about how he sees the human race and the industry he is now part of.


Robert-Maurice Debois by Brice Krumm


What have you learned about humans since moving to Earth?

Humans are the servants of cats and the slaves of their phones! The human being is capable of the best and of the worst, and at the moment it’s of the worst.

What have you observed about the human race’s relationship with social media?

When I arrived on Earth people were stuck to their phones, I thought this was the only way to communicate among themselves, that is why I opened a Facebook account, Instagram and Tinder. You are drugged with social network .

Do you want to be famous? 

Yes, I want to be famous, I want more followers than Grumpy Cat! Today the popularity of a person is judged by the number of his followers.

What are your thoughts on selfie culture and posting nude pictures online? (Do yours get a good response?)

The problem in itself is not the selfie or nude photography, but to share it on social networks is a bit narcissistic right? I amused myself as I know I am far from your criteria of beauty: I have no hair, a huge head and disproportionate eyes. With my pictures I denounce the cult of perfection.

What was your experience like on Tinder?

I did not have many matches, I’m 110 years old on my identity card (in reality much more). I do not fit well into the criteria of selection. I had a date but the girl could not lick her elbows so it didn’t work out, most of the humans can’t. On my planet these are the important preliminaries.


Robert-Maurice Debois by Brice Krumm


What do you enjoy about modelling? What kind of images do you like to make?

I like differences therefore I like to act as a model and want to prove with a butt head one can be popular. I like to mix genres, doing digital and film of still lifes, portraits, landscapes, studio.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m the most classy alien of the galaxy, I’m influenced by the 80s and 90s .

What are your thoughts on the fashion industry?

I have the impression this is changing a little. The cult of perfection is the least we have, I see more and more models with “imperfections”. I might close a show on the catwalk for a big brand!

What do you do in your spare time?

I cook a lot! I cannot stand your diet, I draw inspirations from your dishes that I adapt to my tastes, I love kryptonite. I also watch the television, I love “Alf”.

What are your hopes for the future?

That human beings stop chasing pokémons and take a little more interest in that which surrounds them. I’m a little like Miss World, I would like peace in the world.


Brice Krummenacker

Brice Krummenacker

Robert-Maurice Debois by Brice Krumm

Brice Krummenacker

Brice Krummenacker

Brice Krummenacker


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