Greg Marinovich Pursues The Truth

Greg Marinovich is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, photojournalist and filmmaker. He is the author of the recently released Murder at Small Koppie: The real account of The Marikana Massacre and co-author of The Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots of a Hidden War. Greg has covered conflict around the globe and is renowned for his political coverage of South Africa’s transition to democracy. Murder at Small Koppie has been cited as a definitive account of the Marikana massacre that took place at the Lonmin mine in South Africa in 2012. He shares his insights into what really happened there, the pursuit of truth, and why it’s important to get emotionally engaged.


Featured image: Greg Marinovich
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  1. Great interview. What a brave and ethical journalist. Integrity, honesty and courage are virtues rare in any profession today even in journalists who are tell the story as it is without bias and political input. I admire you Greg and may you go from strength to strength and keep us honestly informed

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