An Interpretation of The Space Between


With Casimir our ambition is to go beyond the obvious and to look at topics like art or travel or science, or the intersections of these, in an unconventional way. For a video to announce the beginning of Casimir, we sought out someone who also approaches his subject matter in a unique way and asked him to interpret ‘the space between’. Inspired by Casimir’s categories, Kent Andreasen directs a rapid succession of moving images in which we catch glimpses of science, nature and the surreal in the everyday. The video was shot by Adriaan Louw at a whirlwind of locations around Cape Town in December; from bee hives to science labs; an optometrist’s chair to a secret greenhouse hidden in the city.


Directed by Kent Andreasen
Shot by Adriaan Louw
Assisted by Roberto Colombo
Edited by Jade Bowyer at Deepend Post Productions
Grade: Anel Stolp
Online: Schalk van der Merwe
Music and Sound Design: Sound Foundry

Special thanks: Jess Sara Wright, Lukhanyo Mdingi, Jeffrey Makaranga, Michael Tymbios, Luke Nelson, Taryn Mackenzie, Corrie Gunter, Bright Man Dagwaira


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